Top Inventory Management Software

Top Inventory Management Software

Top Inventory Management Software
Top Inventory Management Software

What is Inventory Management

Science is a very important part of everyone’s life today. No one can deny its effect on one’s life. Special information technology is becoming very effective in our lives.

Without this, today’s life cannot be imagined, because from the common man to the big businessmen are not untouched by this technology.

All the big companies, irrespective of the field, there is an IT department in every company. There are many branches in IT too, in which inventory management is a very important part.

Inventory management refers to manage all the activities of a company like processing, storing, company’s inventory and management of raw materials, management of warehousing components and finished products.

So we can say that without Inventory Management a company cannot be run in a proper way.

IT department helps to manage all things so there is a need for excellent Inventory management software.

How Inventory Management Works

 Top Inventory Management Software
Top Inventory Management Software

The inventory management system is the core of a company this time. Because the company needs it everywhere in retail, food service, inventory intensive sectors and in manufacturing.

If there is a lack of inventory management, this will ruin the whole business plan of the company.

Inventory helps to in every moment, it tells you what is the needs of the market today and in upcoming days to update your future planning’s, because if you are not as flexible as the demand of the market, the market will aside you in future, so inventory management is your key to hold the market.

If you get information over time, you should have also the ability to process that information that is inventory management.

This helps you when to store, where to store and for whom to store your goods.

This is also helpful to control your companies inner management system like your employee and their activities and the record and processing if whole processing.

So in context to this. we are providing the information about some best Inventory Management Software that helps to manage the daily routine of small to top companies.

Best Softwares to Help In Inventory Management

1. NetSuite Software:

Oracle Company’s Netsuite is one of the finest Inventory Software this time. This serves you performing Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management Functions.

This is for an extensive range of industries and provides a wide range of services.

In this, Netsuite Financial system integrates with companies back office, sales and service processes. This includes applications for financial accounting, reporting and analytics, payment and order and billing management, Supply chain management and Inventory management.

This can be accessed through a web browser and even through a mobile device.
It comes with various customization and automatic upgrades.

This is web-based and runs with most of the browsers with data export in IIF or CSV files. It ensures the security of your data through its data center and built-in security controls.

Overall Netsuite is perfect and value for money software to manage your company. It can be handled easily, and the most advanced manufacturing package that handles the manufacturing process.

 Top Inventory Management Software
Top Inventory Management Software

2. Zoho Inventory:

Zoho inventory is a wonderful inventory management solution By Zoho to control your company’s activities.

It is cloud-based and designed for small to medium-size businesses. Featuring an inventory management module and reporting, analysis and vendor managed inventory.

Main uses of Zoho Inventory:

Increase Sales: You can spread your business with its multichannel (IMS) Inventory Management System and integrate all your merchandise accounts in this.

Manage Orders: You can create purchase orders, manage online even offline orders with its (EOMS) Effective Order Management System and manage backorders and drop shipment.

Tracking: You can track your whole shipment and its item with serial numbers. You can control all processes and better reminded with batch expiry.

Multi-Shipping In Single Window: You can manage multi shipping carriers that deliver your items in this single software.

Financial Data: With Zoho automatic book you can sync all your orders, contacts to manage financial data with them.

Warehousing Management: You can manage your stocking, status of stock, inter warehouse transfer in real-time.

3. Orderhive:

If you want to manage your all stuff with one integrated system Orderhive is the best option for you.

It can manage all your e-commerce operations like inventory, shipping, and orders in a single system and promises to increase your business bar and terminates management related difficulties.

Byju’s, Christiano Ronaldo are some big firms that are taking its finest services.

It is with ultra-modern design easy to use interface and amazing integration with shipping carrier shipping cart accounting software and market places. It contains a real-time inventory system and 24×7 customer support.

 Top Inventory Management Software
Top Inventory Management Software

Key Features :

A. Time-Saving Operations: You can control your overselling and underselling and outgoing and incoming inventory.

Stock alerts whether it is low or out of stock.

You can set your levels of re-order.

Manage your picking, packing and shipping direct from warehouse

Quick pricing and stocking adjustment

B. Inventory Reports: Manage your business and items demand, time to time with market and customers with inventory reports.

Audit reports of inventory.

Know your inventory movement summary from time to time.

Know your inventory price history, valuation report and back-ordered report.

C. Simplify Your Product Report: Manage your thousands of products with a single virtual storage dashboard.

Manage your product catalog.

You can manage multiple pricing according to the market and customers.

Bulk information about imports and export.

You can categorize your product, assign many suppliers.

Manage location-based inventory.

D. Inventory Visibility To The Point: You can track all your stock’s position where it is and where to supply and real-time location.

Inventory syncing of multichannel order whether it is offline or online

Concern your stock quantity with all channels.

Serial number, batch numbers, expiry management, and automatic inventory rules.

Link products and multiple tagging to manage the same stock level.

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